-Level 1: Absolute beginner / or your knowledge of the language is satisfactory for understanding and communicating simple everyday information. (You can introduce yourself, answer simple yes/no questions, ask for the time.)

-You can use the language in simple social and business situations - fill out forms, describe a room, give directions; You are able to use the most common verbs in the past tense.


-You understand general conversations about familiar things - clothes, preferences and likes, you are able to talk about daily routines and describe experiences in a simple way.

-You understand and can provide information about familiar issues – describe personal and physical traits, celebrations, events, find your way around an airport and in a bank, give assumptions.


-You can talk about travels, interests, accept and reject invitations to events, you can make comparisons, talk about the past.

-You are able to communicate in business and social situations – at job interviews, describe how something works, hold a brief presentation.


-You can ask questions with ease, solve complex problems, describe in detail your responsibilities and experiences.

-You can participate in social and professional situations with ease. You can support arguments, hold phone conversations with ease, describe the state of ones health, and hold negotiations.


-Actively participate in discussions on familiar and new topics - from everyday to more abstract themes (discussing family influences, entertainment, world issues, offer solutions for complicated problems).

-You understand and can use virtually all linguistic structures – your expressions are clear and understandable. You can compare perspectives, attitudes, discuss the economy, describe traditions.


-You can hold lengthy presentations, use rhetorical devices, discuss various proposals, participate in seminars. You are capable of using idioms with ease.

-You are able to participate in debates, understand nuances of meanings, understand the language and culture of native speakers to a highly analytical level, which is why there is no misunderstanding even in complex situations.